Training at crew and superintendent seminars.

Few hours training can make a big difference. BunkerCare staff are experienced lecturers with long records of seminars and conferences. It is important not only to supply tools; but also to get awareness from superintendents, management and other stakeholders.

Training sessions can cover, but not limited to below.

  • Simple oil physics.
  • Bunkering gain/loss, Bunker surveys
  • Origin of fuel oil and refinery processes.
  • Fuel characteristic and properties:
  • Fuel oil treatment.
  • Blending of fuels
  • Safety in handling of fuel
  • Flow meter systems, fact or fiction:
  • Future of the fuel oil and availability.
  • Oil in a global economy:
  • Price mechanisms and derivatives:
  • Seller, buyers or BIMCO Terms & Conditions.
  • ISO 8216 & 8217 & CIMAC
  • When things goes wrong, claim and protest handling
  • Burning and handling the fuel of tomorrow.
  • Environmental impact from marine fuels