Bunker clauses

T/C Bunker clauses

Very often bunker clauses in a TC party are very poor and with low value for the stakeholder. In cooperation with one of the best consultants on shipping laws, BunkerCare offer to formulate bunker clauses for owners or for charterers, so you are covered best possible. Bunker clauses should cover the specific trade, the specific engine configuration, any specific local regulations and consider compatibility between products. The latter highly important for vessels trading ECA with the new hybrid fuels.

Terms & Conditions.

Be aware and do NOT blindly accept sellers T&C’s as they usually are very one-sided. Even you are not the biggest bunker purchaser in the world you should be able to get fair Terms & Conditions for your supplies.

Subscribers to BunkerCare Concept will always have their T&C evaluated, however same service is of course also available for non-subscribers on request.


It is often possible to get seller to accept the Bimco terms. They are relative neutral and fair weighted/ballanced.

Bimco 2015 bunker terms and conditions download. https://www.bimco.org/Contracts-and-clauses/BIMCO-Contracts/BIMCO-Terms-2015


Bunker clauses Template bunker 2017 (Downloads)
BIMCO Standard Bunker Contract (Downloads)