MRV reporting

Monitoring, Reporting and Verification.

As the world gets more and more complex authorities require more and more documentation and verification. MRV reporting is essential and will Undoubtedly be baseline for a kind of CO2 taxation or levy, thus it is important to get this right from day one and get the manuals written correct and professional. Also commercial reasons can be an issue which has to be considered. Very often the MRV reporting can be directly linked to a bunker management system with few investment.

BunkerCare represent Verifavia ( in Scandinavia. Verifavia is the only accredited (01/03/2017) real independed verifier of the monitoring and verifying plans. Verifavia offers GAP analyses and subsequent verification of plans and IT systems. A superior quality to competetive prices.


31. Aug 2017: Monitoring plan to be submitted to an independend Verifier (Verifavia or other accredited verifier) for all vessels >GT 5000 calling an EU Port. (Be aware of definition of EU)

1.  Jan 2018: The monitoring plan and data collection procedures for individual vessels shall be in force.

30. Apr 2019: Submission of the final and verified/certified report to the Commission for individual vessel called EU.

30. Jun 2019: All vessels > GT 5000 shall hold a verified Document Of Compliance issued by Verifavia or other accredited and independent verifier.



CELEX 2016R1927 AEN ATXT templates (Downloads)
CELEX 2016R1928 AEN3ATXT cargo (Downloads)
CELEX 2016R2071 EN TXT monitoring methods (Downloads)
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CELEX 32015R0757 EN TXT (Downloads)
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