Mass flow meter

Mass flow meter technology and verification.

Mass flow meters are the newest means for verification of fuel oil custody transfers and provide the most sophisticated, quick and accurate method of measuring the amount of fuel oil that is transferred during the bunkering process. The quantity is measured as the force of the fuel oil flows through vibrating tubes. Sensors and transmitters are then used to generate a linear flow signal, which is linked to software located in the bridge, which monitors the exact amount of fuel oil taken on board. As well as ensuring the quantity of fuel oil delivered, using a mass flow meter, creates a faster and smoother bunker delivery process between the bunker barge and the receiving vessel, and makes life easier for both crews, which increases productivity and overall efficiencies within a ship owner’s/operator’s operations; a premium commodity in today’s market.

Mass flow meters are good tools for the right persons, but can be manipulated and tampered as all technology and software can. We are among the pioneers within use of mass flow meter technology in the bunker industry with our first installment in 2005 and we have till now installed between 40 to 50 mass flow meter systems sized from 120 to 1200 mt/h.

With our experience in the pocket we can verify flow meter installations physically; software and tamper protection wise. We ensure all flow meter settings are correct, we control the flow and sealing of flanges and pipes, and not least we compare the flow meter supply with the old fashion bunker survey, where we do opening and closing surveys. We check the experience factor of the barge i.e. compare the discharge figures collected from BDN’s with the BL’s (Loading figures vs discharge figures) And we recommend the barge for flow meter supplies or not.



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