Fuel systems.

Fuel blending has been an issue since the day where ships started to burn residual oils; now getting more and more complex with the modern highly cracked fuels and latest with the very paraffinic ULSFO products. BunkerCare staff have designed and constructed a number of blending systems for online blending onboard barges, in terminals and refineries. Also we designed and constructed engine room blending systems for ultra big container vessels which is used as fuel switch and blend to any sulphur content, viscosity or density wanted

With the fuel switch/blender valve we developed from our experiences with fuel blending on barges we can automate the switching process and switch products in the safest manner existing. Also, we can wait with the shifting till “just in time” and by that save the expensive low Sulphur products. The process can by controlled from manuel to fully aotomatic, depending on request.

Fuel Switch

Engine room blending and switching systems which ensure safe shifting between two products or sequential shifting between three or more products, where the fuels are compatible two by two only. E.g. HFO – Vac. GO – GO and vice versa. 

Monitoring and log the sulphur content of the supplied product, thus the owner always can document compliance with MARPOL and local regulations.

Blending fuels after the sulphur content, thus only two products necessary for trading worldwide. HS HFO and a 0,1% S compatible product.

Flow meter solutions and Performance monitoring

Delivery, Installation and software solutions for Mass Flow meter applications. From the smallets engine room installations to the biggest cargo discharge flowmeters.

Consumption flow meters and reporting systems. Efficiency reporting of all consumers with a full vessel efficiency calculation. This enable the owner or charterer to monitor the full consumption


Blender and bunker monitor instruction (Downloads)
Fuel switch (Downloads)
The OBU features (Downloads)