Pump Services

A spin off from cooperating with the all the players around marine fuel is providing specialized pump solutions for transfer of nearly all thinkable liquids.

The most spectacular service till today was supplying of all pump and heating solutions for the offloading of bunkers from the wreck M/V Fu Shan Hai laying on the seabed 3 nm north of Bornholm on a depth of 70 meter.

Offloading of bunkers:

Highly skilled and experienced in offloading all kinds of fuels; from off spec volumes to bottom volumes. Dirty or clean products. We supply DP or Centrifugal pumps depending of the local conditions. Always with the aim of discharging highest possible volumes as efficient and fast as physical possible.

Lightering of grounded vessels and wrecks

Pump equipment for all applications; from DP pumps to deep well centrifugal pumps and for extreme viscous applications we supply high efficient Archimedes pump. Covering all capacities from 0 to 400 m3/h

Hazardous areas

For emergency lightering of low flash cargoes or other applications in hazardous areas, hydraulic driven pumps are our solution. The power pack can be placed wherever suitable and the pumps will be powered by hydraulic pressure.

Over pumping.

Over pumping of all liquids from one tank to another or emptying low bottom volumes from on shore; as well as off shore tank facilities, with low sensible pumps, meaning the pump either are fitted with “High volume” suction strainers or by use of Archimedes pumps capable to pump high sediments and debris contaminated liquid.

Cargo heating:

All kinds of cargoes and liquids can be heated very fast and efficient with high efficient steam generators. Even tanks in sunken wrecks on the seabed can be penetrated by hot-tapping and heated up to 70 C. by directly steam injection. However special designed coils will cover most applications.


Fu Shan Hai (Downloads)