Bunker barges

Development, installation and sale of fuel blending systems for barges and onboard engine systems.

Fuel blending has been and issue since the day where ships started to burn residual fuel oils. BunkerCare staff have designed and constructed several blending and moniotoring systems for online blending onboard barges, in terminals and refineries. Also we designed and constructed engine room blending systems for ultra-big container vessels which is used as fuel switch and blend to any sulphur content, viscosity or density wanted.

Flow meter systems for bunker supply vessels/barges.

Single unit or parallel installations for high volumes and viscos products up to > 2000 cSt.

On line cargo blending systems.

From 80 to 1000 m3/h. Blending against pre-set viscosity, density, sulphur content or whatever parameter which in in between the two compatible feeds 



Bunker barge presentation (Downloads)